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Headphone HyperX Gaming Cloud Orbit S Black

8,890.00 ฿
Original price 8,890.00 ฿ - Original price 8,890.00 ฿
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8,890.00 ฿ - 8,890.00 ฿
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  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE : 10Hz–50,000Hz
  • IMPEDANCE : 16ohm
  • SENSITIVITY : 120 dB
  • INPUT POWER : 5 mW (max input)
  • Connectivity : 3.5mm
  • Software : NGENUITY
  • Support : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac Mobile, Nintendo Switch
  • Weight: 60G
  • Warranty: 2 years

HyperX Cloud Orbit S is HyperX 's top-of-the-line gaming headset , designed for those interested in high-accuracy headphones. And a wide sound range with a sound driver that is known as the best in the world and is actually used in NASA, the Planar Magnetic Driver from Audeze, has a wide sound stage. Realistic sound dimension and the sound comes out in a flat, precise style. You can adjust the sound freely. and comes with realistic sound technology that works with Head Tracking to create a 3D sound dimension, making it one of the 4 best gaming headphones in 2019 that is considered to have the most attractive starting price. Suitable for people who want high-end gaming headphones. At a not very heavy price This gaming headset is priced at only 11,900 baht.

As you know, the difference between HyperX Cloud Orbit and Orbit S differs only in one function: Head Tracking, or creating a realistic sound environment based on the movement of our head like the sound source. It's all around us. For example, there is a bonfire behind it. If we turn around The sound of the pile will be louder, which is very suitable when used with VR or First Person games because it will help make the various sounds more realistic. As for general games, that will help create realism. and the atmosphere of the sound to have better details It can be used through the HyperX Orbit software and can also adjust the EQ of the headphones from the presets that have been set.