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– This website contains various content, both written and Pictures and sounds, drawings, formats, photographs, video clips, product messages, products and other content that appears here (All collectively referred to here as 'Content') and trade marks It is a registered copyright of Speed ​​Computer Company Limited, which has received Protected in terms of copyright and intellectual property By copyright and intellectual property All information contained on this website is the property of Speed ​​Computer Company Limited or Speed ​​Computer Company Limited has received permission from those who have those rights. Can be used as part of this website - Speed ​​Computer Company Limited has the right or authority to control the use of that content. It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, store, transfer, copy, distribute to the public. or do anything which is a violation of copyright or intellectual property rights without prior written consent from Speed ​​Computer Company Limited, except for using, printing, or downloading content displayed on the website for personal use, provided that the user must not delete the text. No copyright or other intellectual property rights may be removed from the content. – Certain services and features related to member registration or registration for additional information may be available on the website. You must agree to provide accurate and updated information. Always the latest and promptly update such information if there are any changes. All website users are responsible for keeping their passwords safe. and specify another secure account. The account holder is responsible for all actions taken under it. Such password or account – in the event that you cannot remember your password or account. The company will not be responsible directly or indirectly. in the loss or damage that occurs as a result of or in connection with your failure to comply with this section In the event that the user knows that someone else has used the user's account name and password. The user has not given consent for any purpose. Users must notify the company immediately. So that the company can cancel the product/service ordering transaction. or any transactions That arises from such actions can be reported immediately through this website. or contact


– This website contains trademarks. Both the mark and the word Speed ​​Computer (Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd.) are trademarks that appear on these websites. It is owned by Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd., whose trademark has been duly registered – Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. is the owner and operator of the website. Including being the owner of the copyright to images, accompanying information, articles, content included on the website. and includes website design formats Both in the area of ​​graphic design, templates, all included components.
Registration for service
– Users order products at the website. Agree to provide accurate details. corresponds to reality The entire contact list Contact location telephone number For the benefit of the contact and trading process between Speed ​​Computer Company Limited and website members. Provided that if there is any correction to the details that you have provided to the company You agree to have your information corrected through the menu. “Member information” on the website
Links to other websites
– This website may contain links to other websites. These connections are to help you quickly and easily find related websites, services, or products. The company has no control over make no representations as to the accuracy or reliability of, or take responsibility for, the content of any third party website; or any connection contained on third party websites. It is your own responsibility to decide whether the services or products offered through these websites are consistent with your objectives. Speed ​​Computer Company Limited assumes no responsibility as the owner or operator. those websites or products and services that the company owns or the operator of the website presented and Speed ​​Computer Company Limited is not involved in providing any warranty. or must bear damages related to the owner or the operator of any website (including damages resulting from any claim that infringes the copyright or other types of intellectual property rights of such third party websites.
– Speed ​​Computer Company Limited will not be liable for any damages, including losses, damages or expenses incurred whether directly or indirectly. specifically accidentally or as a result of your access to and use of this website. or websites linked to this website or that any person Unable to access. In addition, Speed ​​Computer Company Limited will not be liable for any losses. Damages or expenses resulting from any failure to use, error, omission, interruption, defect, imperfection. computer virus Although Speed ​​Computer Company Limited or its representatives You will be notified that a loss may occur. Such damages or expenses – These terms and conditions shall be construed and governed by the laws in force in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Privacy Policy

Speed ​​Computer Company Limited has created this personal information protection policy. To protect the personal information of all service users (Personal Information) as follows:

Collection of personal information

1. For the convenience of providing services to all users who come to use the website of Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd., the website has collected your personal information such as email address (Email Address) name ( Name), address or work (Home or Work Address), postal area (ZIP Code) or telephone number (Telephone Number), etc.
2. In the event that you apply (Sign Up) to become a member or to use one of the services, Speed ​​Computer Company Limited will collect additional personal information of you, including gender (Sex), age (Gender), favorite things/ liking (Preferences/Favorites), Interests (Interests) or credit card number (CreditCard Number) and address for reporting expenses (Billing Address)
3. In addition, to survey the popularity of the service. This will be useful in using statistics to improve the quality of service provided by Speed ​​Computer Company Limited. Therefore, it is necessary to collect some additional information about you, including IP Address, type of search program ( Browser Type Domain Name Records the web pages of the website that users visit. The time the website was visited (Access Times) and the website the user accessed before (Referring Website Addresses)
4. Speed ​​Computer Company Limited recommends that you check the privacy policies of other websites linked from this website. In order to know and understand how the said website collects, uses, or processes your personal information, Speed ​​Computer Company Limited cannot guarantee any statements or warrant any action. As announced on the said website and does not accept any responsibility If those websites are not operating or taking any action According to the Personal Data Protection Policy at The website has announced

Use of personal information

1. Speed ​​Computer Company Limited will use your personal information only as necessary, such as name and address, for contact purposes. Providing public relations services or provide information Including surveying your opinions on the business or activities of Speed ​​Computer Company Limited only.
2. Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. hereby certifies that it will not use your personal information that Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. has collected. It is strictly forbidden to sell or distribute it to outsiders. unless given permission from you only
3. In the case that Speed ​​Computer Company Limited has hired another agency to process your personal information, such as delivering postal parcels. Statistical analysis of the business or activities of Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd., etc. Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. will require the agency that has been hired to carry out such operations. keep secret and the security of your personal information and prohibits the use of such personal information. to be used outside of the activities or businesses of Speed ​​Computer Company Limited

Right to control your personal information

For the benefit of maintaining your privacy. Have the right to choose whether your personal information is used or shared. Or you may choose not to receive any information or marketing materials from Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. by simply filling out your wish to notify Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. on the web page.

Security for personal information

For the benefit of maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal information, Speed ​​Computer Company Limited has established regulations within the department to determine the rights to access or use your personal information. and to maintain the confidentiality and security of some extremely important information such as credit card numbers, etc., the Information and Communication Technology Center Therefore, a secure communication channel has been provided for such information by encrypting such information, such as using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, etc.

Using cookies (Cookies)

“Cookies” are information that Speed ​​Computer Company Limited sends to the user's website search program (Web browser). And when such information is installed in your system, if "cookies" are used, it will make the website can record or remember user information. until the user exits the website search program or until the user deletes the "cookie" or does not allow the "cookie" to function anymore.
If you choose to use “cookies” then you will receive more convenience in surfing the website because “cookies” will help remember the websites you visit or visit. Speed ​​Computer Company Limited will use the information that “cookies” can collect. recorded or collected to be used in statistical analysis or in other activities of Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. in order to further improve the quality of services of Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd.
Improving the Personal Data Protection Policy

Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. may update or amend the Personal Data Protection Policy without notifying you in advance. For the suitability and efficiency of providing services, Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd. recommends that users read the policy. Protection of personal information every time you visit or using services from the website of Speed ​​Computer Co., Ltd.
Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Policy and contact with Speed ​​Computer Company Limited.
In case you have any questions, suggestions or comments. About the Personal Data Protection Policy or compliance with this Personal Data Protection Policy, Speed ​​Computer Company Limited is happy to answer any questions. Listen to suggestions and all kinds of criticism This will be beneficial to improving the services of the Information and Communication Technology Center in the future. You can contact Speed ​​Computer Company Limited at the address shown below.

Speed ​​Computer Company Limited
1110 Bangna-Trad Road, Bangna Subdistrict, Bangna District, Bangkok 10260

Contact information
Tel: 061-393-3443