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Hachman had the opportunity to test a notebook using a real Core Ultra 7 165H and try running the Procyon benchmark to measure AI processing performance. and found that the GPU is still the core The scores for each part are as follows: Procyon (OpenVINO) NPU: 356 Procyon (OpenVINO) GPU: 552 Procyon (OpenVINO) CPU: 196 Points out that having an NPU can actually help improve the efficiency of some AI tasks. But in the end, the GPU is still more important. Plus, the real benefit of NPU is not performance. But it is better to use energy. Helps the notebook battery last longer. (A clear example of usage is Video calling in Microsoft Teams for a long time and let AI help cut out the noise Blurring the background like this, the NPU helps the battery slow down) Hachman concludes that we are only just beginning to enter the AI ​​PC era, and it is good to have a built-in NPU chip. But it's not a prerequisite. Because we can always run AI on the GPU. Plus, most users probably run AI through the cloud. In addition, the hardware will continue to evolve. Intel's own example is its Lunar Lake chips. The next generation will be released by the end of 2024 and will have 3x better NPU performance than before.

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Intel Core Ultra

The newest generation CPU from Intel designed Specifically for use with notebooks High efficiency work better In heavy use like playing games Edit video, do graphics, and also support Ai technology. that is an aid in analyzing information about the voice recognition system or intelligent multimedia system It also helps save energy. during the period not in use and processed quickly To return to use again

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AMD Ryzen AI

Added to the new chipset to increase processing power for various tasks. to be completed more quickly Get results quickly Plus the production company Many leading software owners in the world have also developed functions. Harness the processing power of AI to do a better job.

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Snapdragon Qualcomm for use in the telecommunications industry and wireless network industry Both of them have the ability To connect to the 5G network and comes with features with high efficiency for a faster connection and maximum stability

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